Macron called the anti-government protesters "stupid"

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Publish Date: 15:23 - 08 August 2021
Sunday, 8 August 2021 (YJC)_ French President Emmanuel Macron, in a scathing and insulting criticism of the protesters, said he would not surrender.

Macron called the anti-government protesters "I will by no means succumb to their extreme violence," Macron, the French president, told Paris Match magazine. Their attitude is a threat to democracy. They connect everything.

Macron went on to describe the protesters as "stupid" and said: "Tens of thousands of people have lost their minds to the point where they can say we live in a dictatorship."

The French president also accused some unnamed politicians of being too lenient with the movement.

According to Bloomberg, anti-vaccine activists in France say the government's actions, which make vaccination almost mandatory, are cruel.

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