Biden: I will not inherit war for the next president!

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Publish Date: 10:20 - 15 August 2021
Sunday, 15 August 2021 (YJC)_Defending his decision to leave Afghanistan, the US president warned the Taliban against targeting Americans.

Biden: I will not inherit war for the next president!US President Joe Biden on Saturday night defended his recent decision to withdraw his troops from Afghanistan.

"I am the fourth president to have US troops in Afghanistan during his tenure and I will not allow this war to be inherited by the fifth president," he said.

Biden continued: "Our stay in Afghanistan for another year or five years will not matter when the army of this country can not dominate its territory.

The US President continued: "The endless presence of the United States in the internal conflicts of countries is not an acceptable option for me."

The president also warned the Taliban not to obstruct the mission, saying: "We have told the Taliban representatives in Doha that any move that endangers our mission and our forces will be met with a rapid and severe US response."

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