Pompeo again defends US terrorist act in martyring General Soleimani

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Publish Date: 13:02 - 16 August 2021
Monday, 15 August 2021 (YJC)_ The former US Secretary of State once again defended his country's terrorist act in martyring Sardar Soleimani.

Pompeo again defends US terrorist act in martyring General SoleimaniFormer Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News that he criticized President Joe Biden for his decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan, which has led to the Taliban gaining power in the country, and claimed that the Taliban US troops in Afghanistan were reduced and under control.

In a statement on Sunday, Joe Biden blamed former US President Donald Trump for a deal with the Taliban in which he promised to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan.

He said in a statement that the deal put the Taliban in its most militarily strong position since 1996.

Pompeo continued the interview by criticizing the Biden administration for surrendering to Iran, Russia and China, claiming: "If I had been Secretary of State and Trump was the commander, the Taliban knew they would have to pay a lot if it hurt US interests, as Qasem Soleimani knew".

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