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Publish Date: 13:01 - 12 October 2014
Tehran, YJC. Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says that Muslims have to rely only on themselves and realize that the Western offer of bombing ISIL will turn into a vice in the future.

Larijani who was speaking in Isfahan at the sidelines of a ceremony to launch the first House of Islamic Awakening, attended by the Supreme Leader Advisor and Head of Iran’s Islamic Awakening Council and a number of local officials, said "It is believed that the Islamic nation has a forward-looking soul which does not buy suppression. That is something that deserves freedom and advancement free of colonization.”

"When we speak of the Islamic awakening it means that the Islamic nations have potential talents which have to be awakened. To do so, Muslims have to be self-sufficient and live with dignity,” he asserted.

"Today, the outlook toward ISIL has changed. In the past, Western countries thought that they must help it. But now they have been plagued with a greater problem. ISIL was not the essence of the Islamic awakening, but rather something they sought to attribute to Islam. Right now some Western intellectuals admit that ISIL was created by the West,” he noted.

The Majlis speaker added "The coalition which the West has launched for helping regional countries is a mere stunt. They have no real plans to organize the fight. That’s why Muslims have to rely on themselves, realizing that reliance on domestic capabilities is the essence of Islamic awakening.”

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