Two young girls killed and injured in a shooting in the United States

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Publish Date: 13:47 - 17 August 2021
Tuesday, 17 August 2021 (YJC)_ U.S. police say a young girl has been killed in a shooting in Chicago.

Two young girls killed and injured in a shooting in the United StatesU.S. police say a seven-year-old girl has been killed and her six-year-old sister injured in a shooting at a parked car in Chicago.

According to local police, the girl was shot in the chest and torso on Sunday afternoon and died at Loyola University Medical Center. The victim's sister was shot in the chest and armpit and is currently in hospital due to her deteriorating condition.

According to police, the Belmont Central neighborhood in northwest Chicago, where the girls were shot, is an area of ​​conflict between criminal gangs, and the two girls or their mother are not thought to have been the target. The shooting comes amid continuing efforts to contain escalating gun violence in the city and across the United States.

According to the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, the carrying of weapons by civilians is legal. Millions of guns are sold annually in this country. Statistics show that as the Corona epidemic intensifies, arms sales in the country have reached a new record.

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