Taiwan: We are not like Afghanistan!

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Publish Date: 9:11 - 23 August 2021
Monday, 23 August 2021 (YJC)_ Taiwan's foreign minister compared China to the Taliban as people in the region increased their distrust of the United States, claiming that Taipei had the tools to defend itself.

Taiwan: We are not like Afghanistan!According to Reuters, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu accused the Beijing government of imitating the Taliban and claimed that the autonomous island, which China claims to own; He will never submit to the communist system.

Meanwhile, the irresponsible US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the chaos at Kabul airport have shaken the confidence of the Taiwanese people in the Washington administration.

However, there appear to be Taiwanese separatist factions fueled by the Washington administration; In their quest for power, they have no intention of learning from the Afghan crisis.

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