The Zionist regime is disappointed with the normalization of relations with Mauritania

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Publish Date: 14:53 - 24 August 2021
Tuesday, 24 August 2021 (YJC)_ A former diplomat of the Zionist regime expressed his frustration with the possibility of normalizing Mauritania's relations with this regime.

The Zionist regime is disappointed with the normalization of relations with MauritaniaIshaq Lifanon, the former Israeli ambassador to Cairo, said the regime was disappointed with the resumption of relations with Mauritania.

Lifanon wrote in an article in the Zionist newspaper "Ma'ariu": One day we had diplomatic relations with Mauritania, our ambassador was in Novakshut, and our relations were at the embassy level for 10 years until Mauritania severed ties with Tel Aviv after the 2008 Gaza war.

Lifanoni referred to the refusal of the 14-year-old Mauritanian chess player to compete with the Israeli chess player and said that the player actually showed his country's feelings towards Israel.

"I worked hard to establish diplomatic relations with Mauritania, I was the first Israeli to pay an official visit to Mauritania, "I did not know much about it and I only knew that it is the neighbor of the Morocco."

The former Zionist diplomat also claimed: Mauritania has in the past decided to follow the path of Morocco and Tunisia, which had established little diplomatic relations with Israel, but Mauritania has asked Israel to raise the level of relations with it to the level of the embassy, and we were surprised and happy by this demand.

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