Ankara: The Taliban are unable to secure Kabul airport

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Publish Date: 8:18 - 26 August 2021
Thursday, 26 August 2021 (YJC)_ The spokesman for the Turkish presidency said the Taliban was seeking technical support from Ankara over the management of Kabul airport, adding that Turkish experts could help run the airport after the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Afghanistan.

Ankara: The Taliban are unable to secure Kabul airportTurkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said Thursday morning that he doubted the Taliban could secure Kabul airport.

In a television interview, Colin said the Turkish military had begun the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan, but that Turkish advisers could remain in the country to provide technical support to the Taliban at the Kabul airport.

According to Reuters, Colin explained that the withdrawal of troops will take 36 hours and the first plane has now taken off from Kabul airport.

"Talks are likely to yield positive results," he said, adding that the Taliban wanted technical support from Turkey over the management of Kabul airport. "After the withdrawal of our troops, we can continue to run the airport there."

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