Imam Khamenei met with President and members of the cabinet

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Publish Date: 13:54 - 28 August 2021
Saturday, 28 August 2021 (YJC)_Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with the President and members of the Cabinet today (Saturday), August 28, 2021 in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah during the first days of the 13th Administration.

Imam Khamenei met with President and members of the cabinetThe Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Wednesday 28th of July 2021, in the last meeting with the President and the cabinet members of the Twelfth Government,  congratulated Eid al-Ghadeer to all Muslims, especially to the Iranian nation, and considered the opportunity to serve the people as a divine blessing. He said: In gratitude for this blessing, every effort must be made to achieve the goals of the Islamic revolution.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the event of Ghadir as an indisputable event and said: In addition to the Shiite scholars, especially Allama Amini, who narrated the narratives of Ghadir from 110 companions providing authentic documents, This event has been emphasized by some great Sunni scholars and intellectuals as well.

Then addressing the officials of the 12th Government, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Anything that has been done to serve the people with divine intention and sincerity is certainly never be forgotten in the Divine Court, and the reward is reserved; for such actions and efforts."

Evaluating the performance of the Government, he said: "The performance of Mr Rouhani's government has not been the same in different sectors; in some cases, it was as expected, but in some cases, it was not."

The Leader of the Revolution emphasized that the opportunity to serve the people is a great blessing that has to be appreciated. Then he noted that: "gratitude to this blessing is to put every effort toward the goals of the revolution because we are a revolutionary country and the people have made many sacrifices to achieve those goals.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed the need of using the experiences achieved by the 11th and 12th governments in the future. He added: "One of the most important experiences that have been achieved, in this period, is distrusting the West, which has to be practised by future generations."

He said: "By this government's experiment, it became clear that trust in the Occident does not work as they do not help; in fact, they harm you wherever they can, and if they do not harm you somewhere, it is because they cannot harm you at all."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized: "Absolutely, domestic programs should not be made relying on the support of the West, because it will surely fail."

Addressing the President and cabinet members, Ayatollah Khamenei added: "Wherever you left things to the West or relying on negotiations with them, including the United States, you have failed, and wherever you moved forward without trusting or relying on the West, you have succeeded."

He also referred to the recent Vienna talks and expressed satisfaction with the efforts of diplomats who have had good performance in some cases in those talks, said: "In these talks, the Americans stood firm on their stubborn position and did not take a single step forward."

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out: The Americans say in words and promises that they will lift the sanctions, but they did not lift the sanctions practically and did not lift them. At the same time, they also put conditions like they say that you should include sentences in this agreement that some issues will be discussed later; otherwise, we will not have an agreement.

Ayatollah Khamenei said: "By putting this sentence, they want to provide an excuse for their further interventions using JCPOA, missile and regional issues, and if Iran refuses to discuss on any issue with them, they will say that you have violated the agreement and the agreement is no more valid.

Emphasizing that the Americans are behaving in an entirely cowardly and malicious manner, he added: "The United States has no hesitation in violating its promises and commitments, just like they have violated the agreement recently, which had no cost for them as well."

Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Even Now if you ask Americans to assure that you will not violate the agreement in the future, they would say we will not guarantee it."

By concluding this part of his speech, he emphasized: This is a significant experience for the upcoming Government and its officials and all activists in the political arena. Of course, this experience has always existed since the beginning of the revolution, but it has been more evident in this Government than before.

At the end of his address to the President and officials of the Government, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: "I hope God will help you to fulfil your religious and revolutionary duties wherever you are."

Prior to the speech of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Mr Rouhani thanked the Supreme Leader for his support and guidance to the Government during the eight years and reported on the actions and activities of the Government.

Mr Rouhani considered economic growth and reduction of inflation as among the brilliant achievements of the Government in the years 2014 – 2017. He said: "The enemy sought the collapse of the economy and the country with an economic conspiracy in 2018, which failed."

The President mentioned the formation of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination in June 2018 by order of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as one of the most important contributions to the Government and said: "In the face of oil and banking sanctions, we were able to increase production in petrochemicals, minerals and oil and gas products." Meet the needs of the country.

Mr Rouhani also referred to some of the Government's achievements, such as increasing extraction from oil and gas reservoirs, increasing agricultural production, expanding the rail network and increasing hospital beds, and said: "In both periods of the economic war and the corona, we experienced the fact that we only have to stand Let's stand up and meet the needs by relying on domestic facilities and capacities, because no one helped us, and they only made a small opening when they saw Iran's ability to make vaccines.

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