Vice president: Governments must seek to serve the people

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Publish Date: 15:12 - 30 August 2021
Monday, 30 August 2021 (YJC)_ The parliamentary vice-president said that not fulfilling the promises has damaged social capital, adding that the president has prepared transformational programs in all areas.

Vice president: Governments must seek to serve the peopleSeyyed Mohammad Hosseini this morning at the commemoration ceremony of the martyrs of the 8th of Shahrivar, stating that according to the teachings of the Qur'an, the martyrs are alive, said: "We make a covenant with the martyrs to continue the path of the martyrs." At the funeral of Rajai and Bahonar, the people announced that they would continue the path of the martyrs. This path continued.

He continued: "The government is in charge, which is proud to continue the path of the martyrs." Martyr Raja'i considered his government to be derived from the school of Islam. Imam (ra) mentioned this martyr Raja'i and Bahonar as two companions. Both martyr teachers were humble and popular and a practical model for the connection between ethics and politics. They considered Velayat-e-Faqih to be the greatest achievement of the Islamic Revolution.

Hosseini continued: When Bani Sadr considered himself a common sense and was familiar with the techniques of psychological warfare and had shown himself to be a savior, but Shahid Rajaei and Bahonar acted according to the Islamic school.

He stated that the passage of time could not erase the memory of these two martyrs, adding: Rajai was not from the aristocracy and when he became president, he did not find the morals of the high-ranking officials. Martyr Bahonar was a brilliant human being and one of the students of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, Imam Khomeini and Allameh Tabatabai. These two martyrs are still the teachers of humanity.

The parliamentary vice president stated: Shahid Rajaei and Bahonar did not consider the position for personal interests, but considered power as a means to serve the people. If someone considers himself a servant of the people, no one can be calm and try to serve the people. Bani Sadr wanted to seize all power and Martyr Raja'i was oppressed, but gradually the truth became clear to the people. Even now, the authorities must try to be in the path of these two martyrs. These two are statesmen at the level of the Islamic Revolution.

Emphasizing that the government seeks to serve the people without controversy, Hosseini said: "The revolutionary parliament gave a high vote to the government ministers and now we must all try to follow the path of serving the people." Failure to keep promises has damaged social capital. This trust must be regained. With this current situation, we are not going anywhere, but we need change. The president has developed transformation plans in all areas, one example of which is the construction of 1 million housing units per year, which is hard work but can make a leap in all areas. Everyone should help the government in this regard.

Referring to the charter of the cabinet members, the parliamentary vice president said: "Whoever is in the government must gnash his teeth of greed and seek to serve the people." It is not beautiful for the Islamic system for some managers to act in such a way that they are in prison now. Managers must fight corruption and rent-seeking.

He pointed out: The ministers have made promises in the parliament and they will be asked about the fulfillment of these promises in six months and one year. The leadership said officials should not ignore the promises. Managers need to connect with people to feel people's problems and try to solve problems, not just to comfort people. The popular spirit of the government must be maintained.

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