Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution receives obligatory guidelines from Leader

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Publish Date: 13:05 - 18 October 2014
Tehran, YJC. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has defined a set of 7 priorities for the council to follow in a letter issued on Saturday.

The council was founded in 1979 with the mission to improve Islamic aspects of Iran’s cultural and scholarly environments and to fight those of the Western world.

The Supreme Leader’s orders emphasize the following points:

1. To pursue a swift implementation of decisions made during the previous years to the full.

2. To fight entities inside the country and abroad which act in opposition to the council’s mission and programs aimed at evermore improving the Islamic and revolutionary aspects of target environments.

3. To facilitate the movements that are formed by non-governmental organizations aimed at helping the Islamic improvement of cultural and social environments and to help resolve complications that hinder the activities overtaken by such non-governmental organizations.

4. To improve the production and consumption of cultural products in both terms of quality and quantity through devising appropriate policies and pursuing the implementation of such policies.

5. To pursue and help the scientific and technological advancements that are made by Iranian organizations and scholarly environments in cooperation with the state's other two branches, legislative  and judiciary .

6. To conduct a cultural engineering of the country’s educational system from the elementary stages through higher and post-graduate with a special focus on humanities, "the postponement of which has posed serious losses at the Islamic revolution.”

7. To regularly hold the council sessions and to attend them with devotion and fully prepared agenda.

The Supreme Leader also added 3 legal experts to the list of the council's members.

The role of presiding the council is by regulation defined for the country's incumbent president.
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