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Publish Date: 14:49 - 19 October 2014
Tehran, YJC. Political analyst says that a nuclear agreement with Iran is key to a US long-term plan to ensure its presence in the Far East and the Pacific.

Dr. Karim Pakzad, member of the French Strategic International Relations Institute in interview with Mehr news agency said "I believe that there is a will, both on the Iranian side and the American side, to reach a nuclear agreement. Each of the two has its own evaluation of the situation. The US knows that Iran has made a lot of compromises on its nuclear program and that the only problem existing is the number of the centrifuges that have to be kept active in Iran. I think that the US would agree that Iran should keep half of its centrifuges. This is a very important issue because keeping them would mean that the US has recognized Iran’s right to enrichment.”

"On the other side, Iran also is willing to make a comprehensive deal on the nuclear program. Since, first of all, through such an agreement Iran will have the enrichment right, which is a great victory for the country,” he said, adding "The other issue is that with such an agreement, the pressure of economical, trade, and banking sanctions on Iran will reduce, because the sanctions had complicated the country’s economic affairs. I do not think that it would be in Iran’s interests to go on with the sanctions. Iran is a country with all that it takes to become a power, which I do not believe that Tehran would desire missing the chance of only for the sanctions.”

He further stated "Another problem against which the US and other western countries have so far withstood, is the opposition shown by Israel and its lobbies against any kind of deal with Iran. I believe that Iranian’s know the fact that despite heavy pressure by Israel and the fact that the US Congress is mostly comprised of conservatives that are in agreement with Israel, the US president has managed to continue the negotiations. But another problem is that countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and Arab countries in general, do not regard the nuclearization of Iran favorably. One of the things that I believe has contributed to a darkening atmosphere between Tehran and Riyadh in the recent years is that the latter is witnessing that Iran is turning into a nuclear power day by day.”

"Another issue which is also highly important is that the US is leaving its footing in the Middle East, the reason for which is that the country is being drawn to the Far East and the Pacific where the world’s economic future is taking shape. The US wants to leave the Middle East, but at the same time it does not want to make the region insecure by doing so. The ISIL crisis in Iraq was a loss that the US suffered in its policy to leave the Middle East, because it forces the US to hold its presence in the Middle East for a longer period.”

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