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TEHRAN, March 12 - A study shows weapons imports to the Middle East and Asia have soared over the past five years, with Saudi Arabia leading the steep rise amid its bloody war on Yemen.
News ID: 20455    Publish Date : 2018/03/12

TEHRAN, February 21 - A senior Iranian official underlined the need for global cooperation to tackle the problems gripping the Middle East, stressing that people in the region should determine their own future free from foreign meddling.
News ID: 19661    Publish Date : 2018/02/21

TEHRAN, February 15 - Tehran dismissed Germany’s “baseless” claim about the Iranian role in the recent escalation between Syria and Israel, saying the Tel Aviv regime, whose survival depends on chaos and confrontation, is to blame for the rising tensions in the region.
News ID: 19378    Publish Date : 2018/02/15

TEHRAN, February 2 - The Iranian deputy ambassador to the UN said foreign-sponsored armed conflicts in the Middle East continue to worsen social lives in the region.
News ID: 18726    Publish Date : 2018/02/02

TEHRAN, January 22 - Giant oil slicks have reportedly been forming off China's east coast just over a week after a burning Iranian oil tanker sank in the area, amid warnings by environmentalists that the spill could threaten the marine life there by exposing it to extremely toxic substances.
News ID: 18230    Publish Date : 2018/01/22

TEHRAN, January 18 - A cold winter snap continues to cause chaos in the US east coast and the south.
News ID: 18086    Publish Date : 2018/01/18

TEHRAN, January 11 - An oil tanker that collided with a freighter off China's east coast on Saturday is still on fire as firefighting and search efforts for the tanker's missing crew members continued for a fourth day.
News ID: 17810    Publish Date : 2018/01/11

TEHRAN, December 21 - Food security in the Middle East and North Africa is quickly deteriorating because of conflict in several countries in the region, the United Nations said on Thursday.
News ID: 17038    Publish Date : 2017/12/21

TEHRAN, December 19 - An American political commentator and social justice activist said US President Donald Trump has “no understanding of Middle East politics”, adding that his recent decision about Jerusalem (al-Quds) is expected to backfire.
News ID: 16985    Publish Date : 2017/12/19

TEHRAN, December 19 - In this photo report, we are taking a look at AP top photos of Middle East in 2017
News ID: 16978    Publish Date : 2017/12/19

TEHRAN, November 19 - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has criticized some countries such as Saudi Arabia for pursuing policies aimed at sowing discord among regional states.
News ID: 15954    Publish Date : 2017/11/19

TEHRAN, November 10 - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif has warned of the consequences of stoking more crises in the Middle East, saying such a bid will only bring about more grief and misery.
News ID: 15532    Publish Date : 2017/11/10

TEHRAN, October 22 - Iranian parliamentary official Amir-Abdollahian labelled Iran and Iraq’s relations as strong and stable, while criticizing Saudi Arabia’s destructive and uncooperative behavior.
News ID: 14502    Publish Date : 2017/10/22

TEHRAN, October 11 - Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan rejected any need for foreign powers’ presence in the region, reiterating that Middle Eastern countries can ensure the security of the region.
News ID: 14031    Publish Date : 2017/10/11

TEHRAN, October 7 - Iranian Envoy to Russia Mehdi Sanaie and Russian President's Special Envoy to the Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov conferred on bilateral ties as well as the latest developments in Syria and Yemen.
News ID: 13833    Publish Date : 2017/10/07

TEHRAN, October 6 -The Syrian army and allied forces have reportedly closed in on the east ern city of al-Mayadin, which is viewed as the current main stronghold of the Daesh terrorist group in the Arab country.
News ID: 13779    Publish Date : 2017/10/06

TEHRAN, October 4 - King Salman of Saudi Arabia is scheduled to arrive in Moscow on Wednesday for the first such visit by a reigning Saudi monarch. He will meet Russian President Putin to discuss bilateral issues, as well as conflicts in north Africa and the Middle East.
News ID: 13662    Publish Date : 2017/10/04

TEHRAN, October 2 - Russia announced on Monday that it does not agree with a claim by the United States that Iran supports terrorism, Sputnik reported.
News ID: 13547    Publish Date : 2017/10/02

TEHRAN, June 18, YJC - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has expressed concern over the deteriorating crisis involving Qatar and some other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, saying Tehran is ready to help resolve the crisis.
News ID: 10520    Publish Date : 2017/06/18

TEHRAN, May 23, YJC -US President Donald Trump is to meet his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on the final day of his Middle East tour.
News ID: 9845    Publish Date : 2017/05/23