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Publish Date: 12:39 - 21 October 2014
Tehran, YJC. Kuwaiti political analyst Jalil Ibrahim al-Tabbakh says some Arab countries cooperate with Israel to keep the region problematic.

"In the last decades, almost the entire Arab and Islamic currents have followed the objective of freeing Palestine. But it is a pity that Zionists, backed by some Arab states, have created a lot of sound and fury and have kept Arabs busy with internal affairs, hoping that they would forget the issue of Palestine,” Tabbakh said.

Praising Iran’s initiative, lead by the late Imam Khomeini, in supporting Palestine, he said that the trend established by Iran is finding more followers every day.

The political analyst also pointed to current situations in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and said "The US, its allies, and NATO members lack courage to send their troops to the region because they will face the strong wall of resistance. Notwithstanding, the Zionist regime, in cooperation with some Arab countries of the Persian gulf, created a number of terrorist groups to start a proxy war and render sedition among Muslims.”

Tabbakh asserted "Terrorist group such as ISIL and the Nusrah Front were raised by the US and Israel while they are funded by some Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region. The aim by launching such groups is but to overthrow governments, such as what went on with Syria.”

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