Navy Commander: Iran will Always Maintain Presence in International Waters

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Publish Date: 18:35 - 11 September 2021
Saturday, 11 September 2021 (YJC)_ Commander of the Iranian Navy stressed that Iran will always maintain presence in international waters.

Navy Commander: Iran will Always Maintain Presence in International WatersDuring his remarks on Saturday, Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said in order to guarantee the security of its cargo vessels and oil tankers Iran will always maintain presence in international waters.

He calls the provision of Iran’s economic security in the seas as the most important mission of the naval forces and said “Iran is the only regional country which carries out such a big mission independently under unilateral sanctions.”

Iranian Commander went on to highlight the fact that “The naval forces will continue the mission in the future.”

“Iranian Navy is proud of its demostic destroyers Sahand and Makran warship which will return home within the next few days after passing 45,000 km across Indian Ocean, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and other important waters,” he said while adding that “The Iranian flotilla will dock in Iran after 120 days on the sea, right now over 90 percent of Iran’s trade is done through the sea.”

Rear Admiral Irani also pointed out that “Iran’s presence in the seas would be permanent and there is no threat that could prevent us from undertaking our missions.”

Previously, today, in a message to the Army commander Major General Abdolrahim Moussavi, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei congratulated the Iranian naval forces for successfully completing their mission which included voyaging in the Atlantic Ocean.

Last week, while referring to the dispatch of Iran's fuel tanker to Lebanon, Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Jalal Firouznia announced that, in the coming days, ship will reach its destination.

Since late 2019, a deep financial crisis came to Lebanon that has caused the Lebanese pound to lose around 90 percent of its value to the dollar. The role of the US in this crisis in significant as it took the country under oppressive sanctions so it can impose its political preferences on it.

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