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Publish Date: 15:31 - 25 October 2014
Tehran, YJC. Robert Kelley has said that some parties try to create a new war by introducing fake evidence against Iran.

According to Fars news agency, Kelly rejected the allegations that Iran is conducting covert nuclear experiments and said that a war is being waged on Iran through false representations.

He stated that when he was in Iraq in 1995 as inspector, some parties introduced fake documents, trying to derail the technical inspections and indicate that Iraq was working on nuclear plans.

The same is going on in relation to Iran, he said, adding "What irritates me is that in 2002, the US was the real force that encouraged a war on Iraq. Now, the IAEA seems to favor a new war [on Iran] by presenting sporadic information.”

Dick Cheney was trying to find infrastructure to produce atomic bombs in Iran

Kelley said "Since 2004, I would write reports on Iran, since when the George Bush administration and Mr. Cheney in special were at the peak of their power. Cheney believed that there are infrastructures in Iran much different from what is used for uranium enrichment. It was at the same time as when the IAEA inspectors and cams were checking Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

Iran is a member of the NPT. We have found no evidence indicating that Iran has deviated. Iran enriches at a very low level and for peaceful purposes, he asserted.

Cheney sent commandos to Iran to find atomic bombs

Kelley further stated that in the time span between 2004 and 2007, Cheney would send commando groups into Iran in cooperation with those opposed to the Iranian government such as the terrorist group Jundallah, trying to find facilities that would make nuclear bombs. But he never succeeded.

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