IME Weekly Trade Stands Higher Than 27 million USD

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Publish Date: 12:00 - 26 October 2014
Tehran, YJC. -- During last week end up to 24 Oct 2014 trade value in IME reached to 27.7 million USD.
According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, during last week total trade value in both domestic and export trading floor of IME for 198Kt of traded commodities hit 14 million USD.

186Kt of steel products, 8,450Mt of copper, 3,160Mt of aluminum, 100Mt of zinc, 100Mt of molybdenum concentrate, 9Kt of precious metals and 2Kg of gold bar were traded by the customers. In the copper group it is experienced a 105 percent growth regarding the volume.

In the oil based and petrochemical products trading floor in both domestic and export trading floor, total volume of 157Kt of commodities with the total value of 13 million USD were traded.

In this trading floor, more than 74Kt of bitumen, 44Kt of polymer products, 13Kt of VB, 3,520 MT of lube-cut, 18Kt of chemical products, 2,700Mt of sulfur, 1,300 MT of insulation, 150Mt of feed and gas were traded.

In the agricultural trading floor of IME 250Mt of maize, 200Mt of barley, 80MT of meal were traded.
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