The beginning of the important exercise of the "Khyber conquerors" of NEZAJA in the northwestern region

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Publish Date: 12:16 - 01 October 2021
Friday,1 October 2021 (YJC)_ The training of Khyber Nezaja victors began with the presence of 216th Armored Brigade, 316th Armored Brigade, 25th Brigade, 11th Artillery Group, UAV Group, 433rd Combat Engineering Group and with the support of air force helicopters in the general northwestern region of the country.

The beginning of the important exercise of the According to the Army Land Forces Public Relations; The Khyber Nezaja conquerors' exercise began with the presence of Brigadier General Amir Kiomars Heidari, commander of Nezaja, assessors of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and provincial officials in the general area of ​​the northwest of the country.

In this exercise, first, the Nezaja UAV unit made a general identification of the area, and after sending pictures to the command post, the 25th Rapid Reaction Brigade with Heliburn forces in the exercise area demonstrated the invasion operation.

In the continuation of the exercise, the artillery unit carried out mass preparation fire by firing on the pre-determined positions and targets.

Simultaneously with the fire of the artillery units, the armored units carried out the operation of the armored strike force.

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