US Air Force F-35 fighter jets throw atomic bombs

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Publish Date: 22:57 - 06 October 2021
Wednesday, 6 October 2021 (YJC)_ The US Air Force has announced the successful test of an atomic bomb by two US F-35 fighter jets to be deployed in Europe.

US Air Force F-35 fighter jets throw atomic bombsThe U.S. military says two US Air Force F-35 Lightning fighter jets to be deployed as a squadron in Europe have dropped test atomic bombs to ensure their ability to carry out a NATO deterrence mission. They left.

According to the Stripes website, the successful test of the F-35 Lightning fighter was carried out while squadrons of US F-35 fighters were stationed for a new mission in Europe and in the United Kingdom.

According to the report, two F-35 fighter jets successfully completed the mission at New York Air Force Base. According to the US Air Force, the pilots of the two fighters performed a test mission and assess the Air Force at different altitudes and speeds. US Air Force officials have announced that the US F-35 fighter jet has been certified to carry an atomic bomb after the test flights.

The first squadrons of US F-35 fighter jets are scheduled to be stationed at Lichen Heath Air Base in the UK shortly. The United Kingdom has welcomed the Pentagon's announcement that it will be in Europe alongside the US Air Force for training and combat training. 27 F-35 fighters and 60 military personnel are to be stationed at the British air base.

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