Food crisis in Afghanistan; Children are at risk of starvation

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Publish Date: 14:08 - 25 October 2021
Monday, 25 October 2021 (YJC)_ The World Food Program (WFP) Executive Director has warned of food insecurity in Afghanistan, warning that millions of people, including children, could die from malnutrition.

Food crisis in Afghanistan; Children are at risk of starvationA senior UN official has warned that millions of Afghans, including children, are at risk of starvation.

World Food Program chief executive David Beasley told Reuters that 22.8 million of Afghanistan's 39 million people face severe food insecurity, down from 14 million last month.

He stated:
Children will die and people will starve. Things will get much worse. I do not know how to ignore the millions of people, especially children, who will die quickly due to lack of funds and economic collapse.

The food crisis, exacerbated by climate change, was dire even before the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The new government has been barred from accessing assets outside Afghanistan due to policies against the will of the international community.

Beasley said the dollars allocated for development aid should be used for humanitarian aid. This budget must be released so that the people can survive.

Beasley said the World Food Program had used its resources to help provide food aid until December because some donors were failing to meet their commitments, adding that with government funding now available, they may have to budget for Assistance from other countries.

Aid groups are urging countries concerned about human rights under the Taliban to work with the new rulers to prevent Afghanistan's economy from collapsing so that the country does not face an immigration crisis.

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