President's request to Europeans: Do not be influenced by American pressure

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Publish Date: 14:19 - 25 October 2021
Monday, 25 October 2021 (YJC)_ At the signing ceremony of the new ambassadors of several countries, the President called on European countries not to act in such a way that the United States considers Europe as its sphere of influence and not to be influenced by American pressures and unilateralism.

President's request to Europeans: Do not be influenced by American pressureDuring the meeting with the new Swiss ambassador, the president said: Switzerland and Europe should not be influenced by US pressure.

Hokatoleslam Seyyed Ibrahim Raeisi said on Monday morning after receiving the credentials of the new Swiss ambassador to Tehran "Christian Dosi" that the relations between the two countries have always been friendly.
Switzerland has always played a positive role in maintaining and promoting peace, and it is expected that in the new era it will be able to maintain its independent role in the face of unilateral US policies.

The new Swiss ambassador to Tehran, Christine Dossi, also said in the meeting that Iran is a country with an ancient and brilliant civilization:
Iran and Switzerland have had good relations in the political, cultural, economic and scientific fields for more than a hundred years. He expressed hope that the activities of Swiss companies and economic activists in Iran would be provided.

Raisi also said after receiving the credentials of the new Belgian ambassador "Gianmar Kuritzu" referring to the history of friendly relations between the two countries:
Iran is interested in expanding economic and trade cooperation with Belgium and Europe, but we must not allow foreigners to influence these relations.

Saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always adhered to its obligations, Raisi said:
However, European countries have not fulfilled their obligations under the UN Security Council. European countries, whether in the BRICS agreement or in other matters, should not act in such a way that the United States feels that Europe is its sphere of influence.

The president said:
The United States seeks to develop and impose its oppressive will on the world, but other countries must not allow American unilateralism and encroachment on different parts of the world.

Ebrahim Raeisi, while receiving the credentials of Kari Kahiloto, the new Finnish Ambassador to Iran, also said:
We hope to see good and brilliant relations between the two countries during your mission.

The President emphasized:
We hope that the European Union and European countries will be able to move forward on the path to strategic independence and separate themselves from US expansionist policies, because US unilateralism is not in the best interest of the world.

Emphasizing the need for Europe to adhere to its commitments to Iran, the President addressed the new Ambassador of Finland:
We hope to see the expansion of Iran-Finland relations on the eve of the 90th anniversary of relations between the two countries and during your mission.

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