Rahimzadeh: There is no goal beyond the sight of the defense network

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Publish Date: 10:23 - 27 October 2021
Wednesday, 27 October 2021 (YJC)_ The commander of the country's air defense base, stating that there is no target outside the sight and shooting of the air defense network in the country's sky, said: We observe the sky in a moment.

Rahimzadeh: There is no goal beyond the sight of the defense networkAmir Qader Rahimzadeh, Commander of the Air Defense Base, referring to the 10th Air Force Exercise of the Air Force Fadaiyan and regarding the role of the country's air defense network in this exercise, said: "The Air Defense Network has a strong and active role in all exercises."

He continued:
In all exercises, such as the Air Force exercise, due to the fact that the defense network has a wide view of the country's sky and observes momentarily, so from the time of flight of manned and unmanned birds, previous coordination with the integrated air defense network is done.

The commander of the air defense base emphasized on the active presence of the air defense network in all exercises of the armed forces and said:
The air defense network is actively present in all exercises and closely monitors the performance of drones and drones so that if something goes wrong with them or in the scene of real battles, enemy fighters want to enter the airspace and shoot down our fighters and planes. Threaten to immediately provide guidance and assistance to pilots.

Amir Rahimzadeh considered air patrols and interception missions as an important part of the army air force missions and said:
The Air Force is always used as the long arm of the country's integrated air defense network, and when it is necessary to identify an aircraft entering the country's airspace, or when intercepting and fighting the integrated air defense network and with an order issued from various bases. The Air Force flies interceptor aircraft and is controlled by defense radars to steer them toward enemy aircraft.

He continued:
After identifying enemy aircraft by pilots and using pilot-specific operational tactics, they first identify the birds and then, if necessary, engage them or force them to land at airports.

Rahimzadeh added:
Today, we are equipped with a variety of missile and defense systems, and it is inconceivable that targets could approach the country's air borders that are out of sight of the country's air defense network.

The commander of the country's air defense base, stating that we will definitely deal decisively with any kind of threat, said: "We see the ability to defend the country's sky in ourselves one hundred percent."

Referring to the country's achievements and capabilities in the field of defense, he said:
We have defense systems and equipment at various levels and at all heights that are possible for aircraft to infiltrate and emerge to deal decisively with the air defense network combat organization.

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