Murder of 400 unarmed people by US police in 5 years

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Publish Date: 9:58 - 02 November 2021
Tuesday, 2 November 2021 (YJC)_ A New York Times investigative report shows that U.S. police officers have killed more than 400 unarmed individuals during traffic stops and inspections over the past five years.

Murder of 400 unarmed people by US police in 5 yearsThe results of an investigation by an American media show that in the last 5 years, US police officers have killed more than 400 American citizens who did not have firearms or cold steel and were not suspected of committing violent crimes during traffic stops and inspections.

The New York Times notes, however, that only five of these police officers have been convicted of such murders. In many cases, the cars were stopped due to very common violations, such as passing a red light.

Another finding of the New York Times is that the rate of such homicides was higher for black drivers due to their population in the community. In addition, the offenses for which black drivers have been stopped have been more minor and less significant.

The American newspaper referred to similar justifications of American officers for committing murder and wrote:
In each of these cases, the officers stated that they did so out of fear for their lives. In those cases, prosecutors also found the killing of unarmed drivers to be legally justified.

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