Trump administration official: US enemies will sooner or later win in Yemen

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Publish Date: 13:48 - 06 November 2021
Saturday, 6 November 2021 (YJC)_ Donald Trump's deputy secretary of state wrote in an article that "America's enemies" will sooner or later win in Yemen, and that Washington has no plans to prevent this from happening.

Trump administration official: US enemies will sooner or later win in YemenIn an article examining the political and field situation in Yemen, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs David Shanker wrote that Washington is incapable of making an active role in Yemen.

He wrote in Foreign Policy that the "Houthis" were advancing slowly but steadily, and that there was no compelling reason for them to abandon military operations and sit down at the negotiating table, given the Hadi government and allied forces. There are differences and divisions. David Shanker also claimed that the militants of the resigned Yemeni government did not have enough weapons and that they had clashed with each other.

He claimed that the Yemeni government of Sanaa and Ansar al-Islam preferred a military solution to the talks, saying that two years after the Ma'rib operation began, the option was now in place and that the Houthis were taking control of Ma'rib. Washington will be expensive.

"David Shanker" emphasized:
The victory of the Houthis in Yemen means victory in the war, which is the worst case scenario for Riyadh and Washington.

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