German police crack down on anti-Corona protests

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Publish Date: 10:39 - 07 November 2021
Sunday, 7 November 2021 (YJC)_ Many Leipzig residents protested the Corona's restrictions, which escalated into violence with German police intervention.

German police crack down on anti-Corona protestsThousands of Germans rallied in downtown Leipzig on Saturday to protest quarantine restrictions on the Qovid19 epidemic.

According to the Deutsche Welle website, German security forces cracked down on protesters, sparking violent protests.

According to the report, protesters had gathered from all over Leipzig in the center of the city to protest the new corona restrictions.

German police said in a statement that the protesters had not followed health instructions regarding social distancing, including the use of a health mask.

According to Deutsche Welle, security forces wearing riot gear used water cannons, tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the protesters.

The Germans are protesting against the Corona's restrictions, as the country ranks 13th among countries infected with Covid19 with about 4,760,000 infected and more than 97,000 feet infected with the virus.

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