Algeria: The intention of the Zionist minister to visit Morocco is to target us

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Publish Date: 9:02 - 26 November 2021
Friday, 26 November 2021 (YJC)_ The Speaker of the Algerian Parliament said that the Israeli Minister of War intends to target Algeria by visiting Morocco.

Algeria: The intention of the Zionist minister to visit Morocco is to target usAlgerian Parliament Speaker Saleh Qoujil on Thursday strongly criticized the visit of Israeli War Minister Bani Gantz to Morocco.

Al-Khaleej Al-Jadeed news website quoted Qujil as saying that the Zionist war minister's purpose of the trip was to "target Algeria."

Unlike Morocco, which has normalized its relations with Tel Aviv, Algeria has repeatedly stated its support for the Palestinian issue and stressed that the Zionist occupation must end.

The Speaker of the Algerian Parliament continued:
The enemies are preparing day by day to block the way to Algeria. Today everything is clear; In particular, when we see that after the foreign minister of this regime, the minister of army of the Zionist regime travels to one of the neighboring countries.

He criticized the Moroccan government for not reacting to the Zionist foreign minister's threat to Algeria.
If this trip was from the Minister of Tourism or Economy of the Zionist regime, we could interpret it in the context of the pre-existing relations between this country (Morocco) and the Zionist regime.

Qujil noted:
When it comes to the regime minister's war visit to Morocco, it is clear that Algeria will be targeted.

The Speaker of the Algerian Parliament addressed the issue of the "Western Sahara" and emphasized:
Our position on the Western Sahara has not changed, because it is about determining the fate of a nation. Algeria also always supports the determination of the people. The people of the Western Sahara must decide their own destiny.

In the end, he noted:
We have spent years of colonialism saying that Algeria is French. Today we hear that the Western Sahara belongs to Morocco ... The Sahara does not belong to Morocco, according to the testimony of international institutions, especially the United Nations.

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