Sanctions made our dreams come true: Economic Affairs Minister

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Publish Date: 10:43 - 19 March 2013
Tehran, YJC. Iran’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance has said that sanctions have made possible a long-desired situation in the country's economy.

Shamsoddin Hosseini wrote a letter congratulating Iranians on the New Year. In the letter he reviewed measures taken in the closing year.

The letter says that the year was passed when enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran used all that was in their power to prevent advancements by the Islamic Republic via pressures on its economy.

"We managed again to turn the enemy’s hostility into an astonishing opportunity and pave the way for a growing economy in all sections,” Hosseini wrote.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance asserted "With the diminishing portion of oil income in administrational affairs of the country, one of the country’s historical dreams is coming true, thanks to the enemies’ sanctions.”

The letter goes on to say that in the year named ‘The Year for National Production and Support for Iranian Labor and Fund’, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance put all its expert and executive power into use to manage affairs from economic policy-making to coping with sanctions, as well as insurance, customs, and auditing, the programs being the country’s major, historical undertakings.

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