About 100 people died in the storm in Central and South America

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Publish Date: 14:04 - 12 December 2021
Sunday, 12 December 2021 (YJC)_ At least 100 people have been killed so far in an unprecedented tornado disaster in the US state of Kentucky and hurricanes in Central and South America.

About 100 people died in the storm in Central and South AmericaThe death toll from tornadoes in the US state of Kentucky has risen to 84, bringing the total number of tornadoes in the central and southern United States to about 100, News Network 9 reported.

Sky News also reported that more than 100 people may have been killed in hurricanes and hurricanes in several US states, with collapsed roofs and people trapped inside buildings.

On the other hand, the hurricane disaster in the United States has provoked a reaction from US President Joe Biden, who, as reported by the BBC, has said that he will take any possible action to help the affected areas. Seen will do.

Biden also signed the disaster zone declaration yesterday (Saturday) to lead to the release of federal aid to the state of Kentucky.

According to Sky News, the US President stated that this deadly weather system is probably "one of the biggest storms in the history of the United States."

"I'm sorry for the American people," he said.
This is the United States of America, our citizens are very, very badly hurt and now they are scared to death. It is very destructive.

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