Cooperation between the Zionist regime and Morocco to build a drone

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Publish Date: 15:16 - 17 December 2021
Friday, 17 December 2021 (YJC)_ Zionist sources reported that the Tel Aviv regime agreed with the Moroccan government to build two UAV factories.

Cooperation between the Zionist regime and Morocco to build a droneZionist sources told the Hebrew-language website Shepard Media (military affairs expert) that the Tel Aviv regime and the Rabat government had agreed to build two factories to produce offensive and reconnaissance drones on Moroccan soil.

One of the plants is to be built in the northeast and the other in southern Morocco, according to RT. But the agreement is not limited to the production of UAVs. According to the agreement, the Zionist regime will also provide Morocco with the technology to produce some of its military equipment in the field of defense and offensive.

Shepard Media also wrote that Morocco had recently received a Skylock Dome anti-drone system from the Israeli regime. Morocco has also delivered surface-to-air missiles to the Barak 8 intermediate-range atmosphere, which is capable of destroying a variety of air threats, including fighter jets, helicopters, missiles and UAVs.

Israeli Minister of War Bani Gantz visited Morocco for the first time on November 23rd, and a spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of War reported the same day that the regime and Morocco had signed a memorandum of understanding paving the way for the sale of military equipment and expanding bilateral military cooperation.

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