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Publish Date: 12:47 - 18 November 2014
Political crisis in Ukraine, have created a high level of no confidence, and the world turned out to be on the threshold of a new Cold War, Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei declared at a joint meeting of senior diplomats of the foreign ministries of Belarus and Russia on Tuesday.
"The political crisis in Ukraine has brought the level of tension to a top point and created a high level of no confidence in the world," the minister said.  "Our world is on the threshold of a new Cold War," he warned.
"The lack of coordination in the activities  of the  international community, the ambitions cherished by some states to upset the existing balance of forces  not only in Europe,  but in the world  in general, Provokes   deepening and expansion of conflicts. We have witnessed   that attempts, made to change the situation in the "unwelcome" countries to suit someone's interests, have brought about large-scale consequences," Makei said.
Belarus and Russia have faced "new challenges from the West," he said. 

"The United States continues creating ABM and  has enhanced  NATO's activities near our borders,"  the foreign minister said. "All these developments demand our timely response."

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