Nicki Haley: Biden destroyed Afghanistan

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Publish Date: 16:57 - 28 January 2022
Friday, 28 January 2022 (YJC)_ Joe Biden destroyed Afghanistan, saying the former US envoy to the United Nations said Washington had nothing to do with Russia.

Nicki Haley: Biden destroyed AfghanistanFormer US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicki Haley said on Thursday that President Joe Biden and his vice president should resign.

According to the Hill news website, the former Republican official described Biden's recent news conference as "absolutely awful" and described his remarks about Russia and Ukraine as "too much information."

Haley said:
You should never show your cards, especially when you have no cards, and that's exactly what he (Biden) did.

The former diplomat in the Donald Trump administration added:
If Biden loves our country, he and his deputy [Kamala] Harris must resign. If we look weak against our enemies, they will do whatever they want.

He further claimed:
My only hope and prayer is for them to come together and realize that it is not just a matter of the United States, it is not just a matter of NATO, it is a matter of all of us and of security. It is a matter of power.

Haley said: ‌
Take a look at the situation. We are in a dangerous situation. He destroyed Afghanistan. He put us in this position with Russia.

About two months ago, the US government and the US media claimed that Russia was about to invade Ukraine and escalated tensions in Eastern Europe. Russia, on the other hand, has said it has no intention of attacking Ukraine and has offered a package of security guarantees for NATO operations in Eastern Europe, which has been rejected by the United States and NATO.

On the other hand, the scandalous withdrawal of American and allied forces from Afghanistan after twenty years of occupation and destruction in this country has become one of the serious internal and external criticisms against the Biden government. The work has progressed to the point where European countries have raised the issue of creating a military alliance independent of the United States.

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