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Publish Date: 9:20 - 28 November 2014
TEHRAN, YJC. Iran’s Supreme Leader received members of Supreme Council of Basij Organization on Tuesday and addressed Iran and the sextet nuclear negotiations. 

During this meeting, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei maintained, "for the same reason that we were not against the negotiations from the begining, we are not against their extension. But it is the US government which needs an agreement the most, and will sustain greater loss should an agreement fail to be reached.”

"Iran moves in the direction of combating hegemony,” asserted the Leader, "we have nothing against the people or the government of the United States by themselves; what we cannot stand is the US oppressive and excessive demands.”

The Leader commended Iran’s negotiators for being hard-working, serious and logical and said, "the Iranian delegation will resist against oppression and unlike the other side, will not change its views on a whim.”

He referred to the Americans’ double standards and noted their positions in private sessions and correspondence differ from what they announce in their public statements.   

"They are using Iran’s nuclear program as just an excuse to exert economic pressure on Iran and their real purpose for sanctioning the Islamic Republic is to hinder our development,” he said.

The Leader pointed to the Western media reports on the decrease of popularity of President Obama, the very low rate of participation in the recent US elections, and the Ferguson incident as various signs of a yawning gap between the American people and their government, and asserted that for this very reason, the US needed to actualize the possibility of an agreement in Iran’s nuclear deal.

"Even if the negotiations fail, Iran will not suffer loss, since we can always fall back on resistance economy,” he said.

The Leader criticized some American officials for their remarks after the extension of talks and said, "they say Iran must win the trust of the international community, but there are two things wrong with this statement.”

"First, these few countries are calling themselves ‘international community’ with disregard for the 150 NAM countries and billions of other people,” he maintained, "second, we have no need to gain the trust of the US. They are imperialists, and Iran is not on good terms with imperialism.” 
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