Tel Aviv expelled Ukrainian refugees

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Publish Date: 10:26 - 02 March 2022
Wednesday, 2 March 2022 (YJC)_ Dozens of displaced Ukrainians trying to enter Tel Aviv were repatriated from Bangorion Airport, the Ukrainian ambassador to occupied Palestine said.

Tel Aviv expelled Ukrainian refugeesThe Israeli ambassador to occupied Palestine, Yevgeny Kornychuk, stated that the Zionist regime refused to accept dozens of displaced Ukrainians and returned them from Ben-Gurion Airport.

According to the Hebrew website Valla, Kornichuk cried at a news conference in Tel Aviv, saying he was disappointed with the Israeli Interior Ministry's decision not to allow Ukrainian asylum seekers from Poland and Hungary to enter occupied Palestine.

He added:
In the last six days, dozens of Ukrainian citizens have been repatriated from Bangkok Airport to their countries of origin. These asylum seekers are being asked for our guarantees of $ 3.10 to $ 6.20 thousand, and that's really hard. Ukrainian refugees have not come to Israel to work, they have fled the war and are asking for help.

Following this report, Kornichuk continued to cry:
We need more help from Israel. We hope that they will help us more in the coming days, this is a necessary issue.

He added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky had called for weapons assistance in a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett last Friday.

Kornychuk, however, denied Kyiv's request to Tel Aviv to equip Ukraine with the Iron Dome system, saying:
Russian missiles are more advanced than missiles fired from Gaza. We need another defense system.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the settlement department of the World Zionist Organization announced the beginning of its efforts to build settlements in "Al-Naqb" for displaced Ukrainian Jews.

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