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Publish Date: 13:34 - 29 November 2014
Tehran, YJC. Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mohammad Reza Rauf Sheibani in interview with ISNA said the prolongation of the Syrian crisis would only benefit Israel.
He said "In the three years something that the Syrian crisis has lasted, we can say that the country has gone through three main phases. The first of such phases was the provocation of the public in certain places around Syria, some of which was being performed by foreign countries and some was rightful people’s demand of the government. If we mean to judge fairly, we can say that public demands cannot be overlooked as playing a part in the Syrian crisis.”

"The second part was when the foreign intervention’s impact on the Syrian changes grew more conspicuous and public demand somehow dimmed. This meant that meddlesome powers gave dominance in Syrian developments and public demand was driven to the side. It was this at time that ISIL was formed.”

He added "Along this phase, political currents were formed the pioneering of which can be said to be the Islamic Republic of Iran and those countries which sought regional stability by stressing political approaches rather than military ones.”

Sheibani stated "In the current situations 3 factors can be noticed working in the atmosphere of Syria. One is ISIL, the second allied political movements, and the third is the longevity of the crisis.”

It is a duty on those countries which seek regional stability to help as much as they can to shorten the life of the crisis, he asserted, "because the more it lasts, the more Syrian and regional people will suffer and the more the Zionist regime will benefit.”

The Iranian ambassador also noted "I believe that the armed forces called moderate rebels are not real movements. One who takes arms as a way to get his demands cannot be seen part of a peaceful, moderate movement. The armed forces are of one nature in fact, they have only adopted different names.”

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