Hezbollah member: Ukraine is a victim of US policy of tension in the world

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Publish Date: 11:52 - 05 March 2022
Saturday, 5 March 2022 (YJC)_The deputy chairman of the Lebanese Hezbollah Executive Council, stressed that Ukraine has fallen victim to the US policy of escalating tensions in the world.

Hezbollah member: Ukraine is a victim of US policy of tension in the worldAli Dammoush, the deputy chairman of Lebanon's Hezbollah executive council, blamed the US government for what was happening in Ukraine, because it was the US that planned, provoked and pressured it.

According to the "Rai Al-Youm" website, he clarified:
Ukraine has fallen victim to the United States' policy of escalating tensions in the world. The lesson to be learned is that US support for its tools and allies is a mirage, not a truth. The truth is that the President of Ukraine and the former President of Afghanistan, who trusted and trusted the United States, admitted that the United States had left them alone.

The Lebanese Hezbollah official stated in another part of his speech:
The racist spirit still dominates the behavior of the claimants of civilization, progress and development, and the advocates of human rights. In the most advanced countries, which show that they are very concerned about human rights, that is, the United States and Europe, we see how blacks are treated.

Hezbollah Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council added:
The racist spirit in the West is manifesting itself these days in the face of the current events in Ukraine, and we understand how the Western media and politicians, from a racist point of view, see Ukraine as a civilized country unlike other countries that are witnessing war.

He emphasized:
This is the true vision of the West for the people and countries of our region and for those who are killed and displaced by war, sedition and aggression.

Ali Dammush said in the end:
We reject war, killing, occupation, destruction and annihilation in any part of the world on the principle of rejecting injustice and aggression. The West today deals with double standards in the face of global crises, while rising up against the Ukraine war, in the face of crimes committed by the United States and Saudi Arabia against the Yemeni people, or in the face of US theft of Syrian oil and money from the Afghan people.

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