North Korea: We did an important test on a satellite system

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Publish Date: 11:08 - 06 March 2022
Sunday, 6 March 2022 (YJC)_ North Korea's state-run media reported that a significant test had been carried out on a reconnaissance satellite system in the latest missile launch by the country.

North Korea: We did an important test on a satellite systemThe North Korean government briefed the media on Sunday morning about its missile test the day before.

North Korea's state-run media (KCNA) reported, quoting the military, that it had conducted a major test Saturday morning to test a reconnaissance satellite system.

According to Reuters, North Korea says the North Korean National Aeronautics and Development Administration (NADA) and the Academy of Defense Sciences carried out the launch "on the basis of a reconnaissance satellite development plan."

It was North Korea's second missile launch in a week to test satellite equipment and its ninth this year.

The statement said:
Through testing, the National Aerospace Development Administration confirmed the reliability of the satellite data transmission and reception system, its control command system and various ground control systems.

Reuters wrote:
Like the previous test on February 27, North Korea did not comment on the type of missile used in the launch.

Earlier, North Korea announced that it had tested a surface-to-surface medium-range ballistic missile called the Hwasung-12 to measure its accuracy and safety.

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