Russian diplomat: It is Ukraine that does not respond to our request for a ceasefire

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Publish Date: 9:16 - 08 March 2022
Tuesday, 8 March 2022 (YJC)_ Russia's envoy to the United Nations has said that Ukrainian extremists are bombing civilians, and that Kyiv officials are adamantly refusing to cooperate in evacuating Kharkiv and the Third.

Russian diplomat: It is Ukraine that does not respond to our request for a ceasefireRussia's representative to the Security Council, Vasily Nebenzia, has denied allegations that Russian forces prevented civilians from leaving the conflict zone in Ukraine.

Nebenzia said about Ukraine during the Security Council meeting on Tuesday morning:
UNICEF comments must be based on credible sources. We call on all our colleagues in the Security Council to talk only about the humanitarian situation.

According to Sputnik, he explained:
The security of civilians in Ukraine is not our problem, those who bomb them are Ukrainian extremists. The situation in Ukraine is getting worse because of what the extremists are doing.

The Russian diplomat continued:
Ukrainian authorities resolutely refuse to cooperate in the evacuation of Kharkiv and the Third. Humanitarian corridors open to Russia are being ignored. Kiev uses all means to prevent the departure of Ukrainians who want to go to Russia.

Nebenzia stated:
The third mayor said there would be no safe route. 19,000 private cars crossed the Russian border. But [extremists and nationalists] Ukraine uses more than 1,500 foreigners as human shields. Meanwhile, Russian forces secured the departure of 180 UN staff from Kiev.

According to Sputnik, he continued:
Ukrainian extremists bombed Luhansk region. It is the Ukrainians who are not responding to our call for a ceasefire.

Russia's representative to the UN stressed in response to the claims of his Ukrainian counterpart:
The Ukrainians use the civilian population as human shields, but accuse us of bombing civilians.

Nebenzia also repeated:
At 10 a.m. Tuesday, we will stop the fire to evacuate civilians. Civilians can be moved west to Kiev, and we allow people to take refuge wherever they want.

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