Sanaa: The anti-American march of the Yemenis is a symbol of resistance against arrogance

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Publish Date: 9:30 - 08 March 2022
Tuesday, 8 March 2022 (YJC)_ The Yemeni Supreme Political Council stressed that the anti-American march of the people in the various provinces of Yemen is a symbol of their resistance to oppression and aggression.

Sanaa: The anti-American march of the Yemenis is a symbol of resistance against arroganceThe Yemeni Supreme Political Council called the widespread presence of the Yemeni people in anti-American rallies on Monday morning and evening in various provinces of the country a sign of the need to adhere to the will of the nation in the face of the aggressors.

According to Al-Masira, the council said in a statement: "We emphasize the commitment of the nation to the will to confront the enemy and confront the arrogant and preserve the achievements of the nation."

The Yemeni Supreme Political Council added:
Today, our people presented a model in line with the revolutionary ideal and their faith identity, with all the concepts that the Yemeni nation and territory have.

The council stressed:
We will continue to build and develop all the constructive factors to confront the aggression and advance of Yemen and to facilitate the livelihood of its children.

The Yemeni Supreme Council said:
The current stage requires us to unite and stand firmly against the options that the enemy wants to impose on us using the dirtiest tools of hunger and intimidation.

The council stressed:
The pressures of the enemy will not deter us from taking action to end this injustice, and we must pay more attention to the elements of power that our people have.

A large number of Yemenis rallied on Monday under the slogan "Sanctioning oil derivatives is an American decision and our choice is the Yemeni era" and blamed the international community and the United Nations for their silence on the crime of siege.

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