London has called for increased sanctions on Putin

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Publish Date: 11:14 - 10 March 2022
Thursday, 10 March 2022 (YJC)_ The British Foreign Secretary called for more weapons to be given to Ukraine, calling for increased sanctions on Russia and the president.

London has called for increased sanctions on PutinBritish Foreign Secretary Liz Terrace on Thursday morning called on countries around the world to increase pressure on Russia and tighten sanctions against President Vladimir Putin.

The British Foreign Office issued a statement:
Terrace is calling for increased international sanctions on Russia over its actions in Ukraine.

According to the RIA Novosti website, Terrace, who is currently on a business trip to the United States, will speak at the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington on Thursday.

A statement from the British Foreign Office said:
Liz Terrace will call on the world to increase global pressure on Putin. We need to work on sanctions to increase pressure, including a total ban on Swift, a freeze on all Russian banking assets, and encouraging other countries to join.

The ministry added:
Terrace will call for measures so that [the Russians] will not have access to financial resources, will not be able to pay their bills, will not be able to trade, so that their ships will not be able to enter ports and their planes will not be able to land.

The British Foreign Secretary also stated:
We must work harder to deliver defense weapons and respond to Ukraine's worsening humanitarian crisis. We will all do that and shape this new era of global security.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, meanwhile, described any offer of more fighter jets to Ukraine as dangerous, saying it would be better to provide the country with surface-to-air missiles.

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