The North Korean leader called for the development of a space launch site

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Publish Date: 12:02 - 11 March 2022
Friday, 11 March 2022 (YJC)_ The North Korean leader called for the development of the site and an increase in space launches during a visit to the country's satellite system test facility.

The North Korean leader called for the development of a space launch siteA day after North Korea announced its recent missile test on its reconnaissance satellite system, its leader, Kim Jong Un, visited the space launch facility.

North Korean state media reported Friday morning that during the visit, Kim called for the expansion of the North Korean space rocket launch site to further his goals.

According to Reuters, quoting the report, Kim made the remarks during a visit to the launch site of the Soha satellite missile, which has been used to place a satellite in orbit, as well as to test various missile technologies. .

The missile technologies include static rocket engines and space launch pads, which South Korean and US officials say require similar technology to intercontinental ballistic missiles.

According to Reuters, a US official said the tests were likely to examine components of the system before launching the full-range, which may have been disguised as a space launch banned by UN Security Council resolutions.

According to the report, the Hwasung 17 missile is North Korea's longest-range weapon, first demonstrated at the 2020 parade and carried on an 11-axle transport vehicle, which some analysts call a "monster." They are called.

According to a North Korean state media report, Kim inspected the facility at Soha station and ordered its renovation and expansion to ensure that "various rockets can be launched to carry multi-role satellites, including a military reconnaissance satellite."

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