Egypt buys military transport aircraft from US

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Publish Date: 14:17 - 11 March 2022
Friday, 11 March 2022 (YJC)_ The US Senate has agreed to sell $ 2.2 billion worth of military transport aircraft to Egypt.

Egypt buys military transport aircraft from USThe US Senate last night (Thursday) approved by a majority the plan to sell the Lockheed Martin C-130G Super Hercules military transport aircraft to the Egyptian army.

According to the Al-Quds Al-Arabi website, the US Senate approved the sale of the aircraft worth $ 2.2 billion to Egypt with 81 votes in favor and 18 negative votes. Opponents have cited human rights issues as the reason for their opposition.

The Pentagon has said about the new contract that Lockheed Martin is going to sell 12 C-130 aircraft with support and technical equipment to Egypt.

Sen. Rand Bull, a Democratic senator, was a major opponent of the sale of the logistics aircraft. Opponents argued that American companies should not sell weapons to countries with a dark human rights record. Last January, the Biden government announced that it had stopped providing $ 130 million in arms to Egypt.

However, the United States has provided $ 1.3 billion annually in military aid to Egypt since the Camp David Accords and the Egyptian settlement with the Zionist regime in 1987.

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