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Publish Date: 10:17 - 01 December 2014
Tehran, YJC. Former Iranian ambassador to Germany says the US builds criminal files against banks that work with Iran.

Alireza Sheikh Attar who is back home following the end of his mission to Germany, in interview with Fars said "The US brings charges against any bank that has worked with Iran. The latest example of such case was the French bank which the US fined $8 billion for a deal with Iran which had been made before the sanctions. Or Standard Chartered, for example was fined $1.5 billion. This means that the US is taking ransom.”

He explained that the US takes ransom for its domination over the dollar, since all money is transferred from New York.

"Most German companies’ shares are dealt in the New York Stock Exchange [the Big Board]. German banks have branches in the US and they are in the US grip,” Sheikh Attar said.

Big Board overseen by former FBI chief

"I remember that this made the reason why a German company which holds many shares at the New York Stock Exchange had to grapple with problems. The official in charge of overseeing the Big Board, who is a former FBI chief, a while back told the company that the company’s representative in the US had a pool in his house bigger than the company’s regulations would allow. They formed a commission against the representative on that alibi, a report of which was published by Der Spiegel. All these had to do with the large volume of work the company had done with Iran prior to the sanctions,” the Iranian ex-ambassador stated.

European companies afraid their cooperation with Iran may be revealed

Right now European companies are afraid of the Israeli lobby known as American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that’s why they adopt a conservative approach and are afraid that their relations with Iran turns public, Sheikh Attar noted.

He added "When about 130 French companies visited Iran, Germans announced that they would not do that because it was public. But they would sent their tradesmen at the provincial level.”

"In the past 6 years, we have sent a total of 10 ministers to Germany, 4 of which belong to the Rouhani administration. Of these 4 ministers, Zarif apart, the other three’s positions were about economy. Although they did not make the visits official, they met good favor in the meetings where many companies would attend. There were something between 100 and 300 companies for ministers of energy and agriculture and things are being done with lights off.”


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