Zionist reporters confirmed the Tel Aviv-Qatar drone consultation on Iran

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Publish Date: 9:01 - 12 March 2022
Saturday, 12 March 2022 (YJC)_ Zionist reporters confirmed the meeting between the chief of staff of the regime's army and his Qatari counterpart in the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.

Zionist reporters confirmed the Tel Aviv-Qatar drone consultation on IranIn their reports, Zionist reporters referred to the veracity of Arab and non-Arab reports about the meeting between Avio Kokhawi, the chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his Qatari counterpart, Salem bin Hamad bin Aqeel, in the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain.

According to Al-Quds, while the Zionist media only covered the news, the regime's reporters on social media stated that they were aware of the meeting held in recent days and were not allowed to publish it due to military restrictions.

The reporters added that the meeting was held to discuss "the Iranian drone threat, joining a regional coalition to counter these threats, and the possibility of installing advanced Israeli warning radars in Qatar."

The Financial Times, meanwhile, quoted sources as saying that Qatar had intensified its role as mediator between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the British newspaper, Qatar acts as a mediator at the request of Washington and Tehran and completes talks in the Austrian capital to build trust between longtime enemies.

According to the report, Doha conveyed messages to key actors to address Iran's concerns, including Biden's request for assurances that no future US administration could unilaterally reach an agreement, such as Trump has tried to get out.

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