Confidential report by US officials to Congress on the progress of the Vienna talks

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Publish Date: 12:09 - 18 March 2022
Friday, 18 March 2022 (YJC)_ At a secret session of Congress, two senior US government officials reported on the progress of the Vienna talks and the final settlement.

Confidential report by US officials to Congress on the progress of the Vienna talksPolitico writes that two senior Joe Biden government officials told Congress on Thursday that the Vienna talks had reached a final stage.

Robert Mali, Biden's representative on Iran, and Brett McGurk, US Assistant Secretary of the National Security Council on West Asia, briefed members of Congress on the progress of the talks, the paper said.

Politico quoted three informants as saying that the meeting, which was attended by members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Mali and McGurk were optimistic about the progress of the talks and that an agreement on the resumption of the UN Security Council was imminent.

A Democratic congressman, who did not want to be named, echoed recent claims by Western officials to drop the ball on Iranian soil.
An agreement is imminent. We are just waiting for Iran. Russia has withdrawn its request for sanctions.

On the other hand, Paltico quoted a senior US official close to the talks as saying that reaching an agreement in Vienna was neither imminent nor final, and that the US government was ready for a global agreement with or without Iran.

However, the US publication wrote that McGurk and Mali's optimistic tone at the congressional hearing, which, without full certainty, speculated about the nearness of the agreement to revive Burjam, was recently seen among other US government officials.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said Wednesday:
As we have said before, we believe that significant progress has been made and that we have come close to a possible agreement but have not yet reached that point.

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