US warns China of military adventure

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Publish Date: 14:55 - 21 March 2022
Monday, 21 March 2022 (YJC)_ A US Navy commander has warned that China is preparing for a major military action, saying that if deterrence against Beijing fails, Washington will go to war.

US warns China of military adventureRussia's special military operation against Ukraine has raised Western concerns about possible similar action by China against Taiwan.

A US Navy commander warned today (Monday) that amid allegations that Beijing was preparing for military action, if a "deterrence" failed in the Indo-Pacific region, Washington was ready for a "war and victory" in the war against China. will be.

According to the Rashatodi website, Admiral John C. Aquilino, the commander of the US Navy in the Indian Ocean and Pacific, said China had "the largest military build-up since World War II" in two decades and that "the accumulation of their weapons in the region is destabilizing."

In an interview with the Associated Press, Aquilino claimed that while the US military mission is to "prevent war" in the region, the Pentagon is ready for war and victory in the conflict against China.

According to the report, he accused China of militarizing islands in the South China Sea and turning them into forts with anti-aircraft and anti-naval weapons.

The Pentagon said it was part of China's broader efforts to "expand the People's Republic of China offensive offshore" and claimed that Beijing would use the islands to fly fighter jets and bombers during a possible conflict.

Earlier, Taiwanese officials said they were worried that China would join the island while the United States and Western countries turned their attention to Ukraine.

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