Reuters: The Taliban canceled the Nowruz holiday in Afghanistan

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Publish Date: 14:57 - 21 March 2022
Monday, 21 March 2022 (YJC)_ As Nowruz approaches in Afghanistan, Reuters reports that the Taliban interim government has canceled all holidays in the first week of April and announced that all staff and students must be present at work and school.

Reuters: The Taliban canceled the Nowruz holiday in AfghanistanOn the occasion of Nowruz 1401, the Taliban announced that there would be no official holiday this week to celebrate the New Year.

Mohammad Younis Siddiqui, a spokesman for the Taliban interim government's Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, told Reuters that Monday, Nowruz, would not be an official holiday.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Intelligence said the holiday was not in line with Islamic law, but that private celebrations by citizens would be allowed.

Abdul Ahad Emad, head of the Taliban Ministry of Intelligence, said:
We do not officially celebrate Nowruz. If people want to do something, we do not stop them.

The interim government of the Taliban has announced that all government employees and students must be present in the departments and educational units on the first of April.

Nowruz, as an ancient celebration, has been inherited from many tribes in the region. Nowruz is the beginning of the new year in Afghanistan and Iran and is an official holiday in some other countries such as Tajikistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Iraq, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Albania, China, Turkey, Turkmenistan, India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. And the people of these lands are celebrating.

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