Raeisi at the first meeting of the government board in 1401: We appreciate the trust of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in the government

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Publish Date: 19:15 - 23 March 2022
Wednesday, 23 March 2022 (YJC)_ At the first meeting of the Cabinet in 1401, the President said: "We appreciate the trust of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in the approaches and efforts of the government."

Raeisi at the first meeting of the government board in 1401: We appreciate the trust of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in the governmentSayyed Ibrahim Raeisi said in a cabinet meeting today, Wednesday, that in the new year, naturally, we should have a new look at the work and plans and what was done last year:
At the beginning of the discussion, I would like to sincerely thank the Supreme Leader, both for his guidance to the government and the people and for his words at the beginning of the year, because these words raised hope in the people and the government.

The President thanked the Supreme Leader of the Revolution for his trust in the approaches and efforts of the government and added:
Leadership trust is a great asset to the government. In this regard, we should thank God Almighty, thank him, and be the guardian of this capital so that this capital may increase.

Raeisi stated:
The first point that was emphasized in the Supreme Leader's speech was that the government should try to strengthen its image of being popular, being among the people and being with the people in all areas.

The President clarified the meaning of this emphasis of leadership, participation and participation of the people in a real way in decision-making, decisions and actions:
Participating in public is part of the story. An important and fundamental part is giving people a field in economic, cultural and social issues that can solve the problems. The indicators of being popular should be counted in all areas and they should be emphasized more.

Noting that the Supreme Leader described the railroad of this government as different from the railroad of previous governments, Raeisi noted:
This railing should be done more transparently and at the same time with more adherence to their views that are needed by the society.

The President said: "The Supreme Leader of the Revolution also said that this government has revived and increased hope in the hearts of the people." It is the duty of all government agents to pay more attention to the actions that increase the hope of the people.

Raeisi pointed out that the Supreme Leader considered mobility as another positive feature of the government, and therefore the mobility of the government should be increased in various areas and sectors, adding:
He also said that there is hope for the implementation of general policies and declarations in this government. Adding to this hope is that the government has really redoubled its efforts to implement policies, including the policy and slogan of 1401, and has a clear performance report serving both it and the people.

The President stated:
As an allegory, the leadership referred to the two issues of increasing the volume of foreign trade and concluding foreign contracts and selling oil despite the imposition of sanctions and threats, and stressed that some thought it would not work despite the sanctions, but the government took steps that became clear under sanctions and pressure. It is also possible to move things forward, and this is to be appreciated.

Raeisi continued his speech by pointing out that the Supreme Leader of the Revolution also mentioned some concerns in his orders, which should be seriously considered by the government:
He mentioned the issue of inflation and inflation as one of his concerns, and therefore the government should do something different in this regard and to eliminate inflation and inflation than last year.

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