USA: We are ready for both scenarios of returning or not returning to the JCPOA

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Publish Date: 8:58 - 24 March 2022
Thursday, 24 March 2022 (YJC)_ A State Department spokesman stated that the United States is equally prepared to return and not return to the JCPOA.

USA: We are ready for both scenarios of returning or not returning to the JCPOAState Department spokesman Ned Price reiterated at a news conference on Wednesday evening that an agreement on the lifting of sanctions in Vienna was neither imminent nor final, and that Washington was equally prepared to return or not to the JCPOA.

Ned Price said:
Regarding the bilateral return to the JCPOA, we have seen significant progress made in recent weeks, but as we have said in recent days, the agreement is neither final nor imminent.

A spokesman for the US diplomatic service added:
We are preparing for both scenarios, that is, a scenario in which there is a reciprocal return to JCPOA... and a scenario in which JCPOA does not work. In this scenario, we will be equally committed to the president's commitment that Iran will never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

Hours earlier, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also claimed that despite some progress in the Vienna talks on lifting sanctions, some differences remained.

"We've made some progress over the last few weeks," said Sullivan, who flew to Brussels on US No. 1 Joe Biden. "There are still a few issues left."

The White House National Security Adviser continued:
It is unclear whether the talks will end.

He added that US allies were trying to use diplomacy to contain Iran's nuclear program.

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