Kremlin: US policy to isolate Russia fails

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Publish Date: 17:33 - 25 March 2022
Friday, 25 March 2022 (YJC)_ Asked by the United States to explain the president's son's connection to biological experiments in Ukraine, a Kremlin spokesman said the cordial period between Russia and NATO was over.

Kremlin: US policy to isolate Russia failsRussian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov today (Friday) demanded an explanation from the United States about the connection between the president's son Hunter Biden and biological laboratories in Ukraine.

"During a news conference in the Kremlin, Peskov said:
The United States will continue its efforts to isolate Russia, but this policy will fail.

According to Sputnik news agency, he stated:
Russia has demanded an explanation for Biden's son's involvement in the operation of biological laboratories in Ukraine.

A Kremlin spokesman explained:
Russia's Defense Ministry is preparing measures to strengthen the Western Front in the wake of NATO moves. NATO was created as a tool for confrontation, and it still does, and no other work has been defined for it.

Peskov continued:
It is too early to talk about the future of negotiations on security guarantees. The reality has changed and needs to be re-evaluated. The romantic period of Russia-NATO relations is over.

He also spoke about the request to remove Russia from the G20:
Russia will be willing to participate if possible, otherwise there will be nothing deadly.

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