White House spokesman is stepping down

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Publish Date: 11:59 - 02 April 2022
Saturday, 2 April 2022 (YJC)_ Informed sources say the White House spokesman plans to step down in the next month to join a television network.

White House spokesman is stepping downThe American media reported the decision of "White House" spokeswoman Jennifer Sacchi to resign.

Aksius reported on Friday evening, citing an informed source, that Saki was in exclusive talks with the UAE to join them.

Axius noted that Saki's departure as White House spokesman was likely to take place in May (another month), noting that rumors of his resignation had surfaced in the past few weeks.

According to two informed sources, she is consulting with the White House Adviser on his resignation and is working closely on the ethical and legal aspects of her plans.

Hill also wrote today (Saturday), quoting two special sources, that while White House Deputy Spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre is out of work due to Corona, Saki has decided to step down within the next month.

However, Saki refused to answer questions about his resignation as White House spokesman on Friday

Hill also wrote that White House communications director Kate Bedingfield has been holding most news conferences in recent days instead of Saki.

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